Shattuck on Historic Pace

OSWEGO.N.Y–“I’m not playing to break records I just want to play with my team,” said Oswego State Junior Teresa Shattuck.

It’s not what Teresa Shattuck is playing for, it’s just what she’s done. Shattuck holds the program record for assists in a game, season, and now career. Oswego State women’s lacrosse coach Britt Howard praised Shattuck’s knack for the game.

“She definitely has a niche for the game her IQ is incredible,” said Howard. “You know she’s always thinking about the next play ahead.”

“I have a good eye, I can see the whole field at once I can see players before they cut like I can see a play happening,” said Shattuck.

There doesn’t need to be an additional incentive to break a record, but it certainly helps when it’s your sister’s records you’re breaking

“I mean she played she knows the competition she was happy for me but it definitely motivated me to beat her,” said Shattuck.

Shattuck is proud to hold numerous individual records but says she wants to be remembered for what the team accomplished.

“Lacrosse for Oswego we’ve never been this good and I just want to leave a legacy like my freshman class brought up the team that could possibly win SUNYACs,” said Shattuck.

With 7 games left in the regular season, Shattuck is 45 points away from adding the regular season points record to her list of achievements. The Lakers will take the field again Saturday at Oneonta.