In a foam filled face-off, students at Oswego State are doing their part to give back to their community. 

The Oswego Hunger Games to End Hunger is a charity event based on the popular book series The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins. 24 tributes from all around the Oswego State campus battle to raise money and collect canned goods for the Oswego Food Pantry.

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Jessica Iannuzzo, one of the organizers of the event explains how significant this event is to the community as a whole.

“I am a member of Alpha Phi Omega,” Iannuzzo said. “It’s a coed service fraternity. A few brothers and I last year decided to plan this event connecting all the residence halls and most of the students on campus for this one common goal to fight hunger.”

Similar to the novels the tributes here represent the districts that they come from. The districts here happen to be the dormitory buildings at Oswego State.

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“It’s also a nice event on campus to get people from different residents hall together to have a fun time,” Anthony Prisco, an event volunteer and member of Alpha Phi Omega said.

Viewers may pay or exchange canned goods to aid their tributes during the games. Gifts include extra lives, better weapons, and stronger armor.

Shannon Rosato, the master of ceremonies of the event, was pleased with the turnout.

“We were surprised for how successful it was,” Rosato said. “We got a couple hundred people out here, raised hundreds of pounds of canned goods to give to the Oswego food cupboard as well as a few hundred dollars. A couple thousand actually.”

With the Oswego Hunger Games being so successful, students and volunteers are already looking forward to next year’s games; hoping that the odds will be ever in their favor.