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The 2014 Winter Olympics did not fail to bring the excitement, however you didn’t have to go all the way to Sochi to experience some exciting winter sporting events.

Right here on the campus of SUNY Oswego you can find three of the major sports being competed in the Olympics, hockey, figure skating and skiing/snowboarding.

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Hockey is a way of life for the people of the Oswego area. The intense and fast paced environment are always sure to draw in a crowd. Becca Douquette, a hockey player on SUNY Oswego’s Women’s  Club Hockey team, says that it is a special experience to see the teams play in the Olympics.

“We get to see them play professionally, as a career, but now we’re seeing them play for their countries and the nationalism behind it makes it very cool to watch,” Douquette said.

One sport that you can find here at Oswego but not in the Olympics is synchronized ice skating. Lake Effects, SUNY Oswego’s skating team, is a very big winter sport here in Oswego. Captain Brittany Hoffman says that it is possible you will see synchronized skating in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

“It’s dangerous, we do these intersections and crossing at 50 mph and I think that would be a really big crowd pleaser,” Hoffman said.

Bringing a little bit of Sochi to Oswego, the SUNY Oswego ski club held their annual rail jam. This very exciting and energized event brings the community together to watch skiers and snowboarders perform tricks right on the campus. Through all of the fun, ski club member Nick Christopher reflected on the snowboarding happening in Sochi.

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“I was surprised that Shaun White didn’t medal. I really thought he should have got the bronze,” Christopher said.

Whether you are looking for an action packed game at the rink, a beautiful display of artistic skating, or a thrilling ride down the hill, Oswego has all the excitement of winter sports. But for Becca, Brittany and  Nick they were happy to see their idols perform over in Sochi.