SUNY Oswego women’s hockey shine bright internationally

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Simone Bednarik and Tilly Pethrick are not only making strides on college ice but also leaving their mark on the international hockey scene.

Simone Bednarik, with roots in Slovakia, and Tilly Pethrick, representing Australia, bring a blend of skill and cultural pride to the rink. For them, playing internationally isn’t just about the game; it’s a heartfelt tribute to their family’s heritage.

“I’ve felt like really proud to be able to represent my country because my parents both played professional sports,” Oswego women’s hockey player Simone Bednarik said. “They both represented their country and my mom even got some records in swimming that are still up today, so being able to follow in their footsteps and make them really proud is kind of all that I really wanted to do.” 

“It’s a sense of pride and like even just seeing all my relatives who live there still be like my, you know, my, my niece is like playing for the Australian team,” Oswego women’s hockey player Tilly Pethrick said.

Beyond personal pride, the experience they have gained from playing internationally adds an exciting layer to their college careers and possibly extends their time on the ice by potentially being scouted from professional leagues, such as the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL). Bednarik and Pethrick are building impressive resumes that may open doors to exciting opportunities after they graduate from SUNY Oswego.

“But having like one secure, like league for all the girls to play in, like a really high level, it’s great. now I have like more options other than just going internationally because that would be my only option after college was to go play internationally,” Bednarik said. “But now I have the option of like working a little extra hard and putting lifestyle work in and being able to play for the PWHL.”