SUNY Oswego men’s baseball on good start after tough schedule

Oswego State Baseball has bounced back after a disappointing loss against Salisbury University in February. 

Oswego State has since won nine games, giving them a 10-3 record. Ryan Enos is one of Oswego State’s key players, helping them with their wins. He has a .558 batting average, which is 6th in the division. He also leads Division III baseball in weighted runs created plus. 

The Lakers played seven games in six days in Florida over spring break. They won against John Hopkins University, who is ranked 13th in the conference. Oswego State is currently ranked 23rd in the conference. 

“You know in the last couple of days we have rested, uh, we had some injuries, we have had some injuries and we are banged up. We have played a lot of baseball and traveled a lot in a short period of time, so we have rested and gotten into the weight room,” Coach Scott Landers said. 

The next time the Lakers play is in Oswego on March 30. They have a doubleheader against SUNY Cobleskill. You can watch coverage of this game here.