Sean Evans coming to SUNY Oswego 

SUNY Oswego announced on Wednesday that Sean Evans will be coming to the campus. Evans, an American YouTuber and producer known for interviewing celebrities while having them eat hot wings, will be doing one of his famous Hot Ones interviews live for the students. 

Evans will be interviewing the owner of the local Oswego restaurant Wonzones Calzones, Jason Shi. Shi says he was surprised but also excited when he was asked to participate in this event. 

“We got two school administrators to come over and ask me if I want to get involved with the Hot One. The Hot One? That’s it right there. And I guess I know all the student orgs, Greek life, the sports teams and they all want me to be on the show,” Shi said.  

Recently, Shi has been involved in a lot on campus and is widely known and loved by the students. He says that this has been his motivation to participate in the Hot Ones interview. 

Shi is not the only one excited about this event. Students say they are excited to see Shi on the stage with Evans because of the relationship he has built with the students. 

“He’s always the guy I know I can go to whether it is early or late. He is very collaborative, very fun, and a very nice guy. So definitely a good guy for the students for sure,” SUNY Oswego student Damon Fletcher said. 

Vanessa Taylor, SUNY Oswego assistant director of Student Engagement, gave a brief rundown of what to expect at the event. 

“We are going to have a host be able to come out and introduce Sean, as well as we are going to be. Sean is going to be interviewing Jason from Wonzones Calzones because Jason is so great with talking to clubs and orgs and everything and students just gravitate toward him,” Taylor said.  

This event will be held on April 14 at 7 p.m. in the Deborah F. Stanley Arena and Convocation hall. Tickets can be purchased at the SUNY Oswego Box Office. Tickets are free for students.