Zink Shirts, a custom-printing shop in Oswego, N.Y., specializes in personalized apparel and accessories. On the outside, it may just look like an ordinary business, but one unique service this shop offers makes them stand out from the crowd. Zink Shirts is one of the only places in Oswego where people can go to listen to live music.

Since December of 2012, Zink Shirts has hosted close to twenty shows where performers, both local and out of town, showcased their talent. Owner of Zink Shirts, Glenn Zansitis, knew since the grand opening that he wanted to make his business a place where others can enjoy music, as well as the art that the shop produces. 131015_0001

“We had our grand opening it was like a gallery showing, and we had live bands. so it was right away, you know? We realized that people liked what was going on, so then we decided to host more and more live music,” Zansitis said.

The store is located at 19 East Cayuga Street in Oswego. The front of the shop is filled with merchandise ready for purchase, the printing press that is used is stored in the back room. Just off to the side, separated by the front of the shop by a wall, there is a room where a small, make-shift stage is located. Shirts are strewn across the walls, each sporting a unique design, and chairs are placed against the wall; providing a place for audience members to sit during the shows.

Although the shows generally feature rock music, no genre of music is excluded. From indie-rock to heavy metal, and even acoustic, all types of music are embraced by the audience and the staff. Sam Katz, who performs on stage without being accompanied by a band, says that she feels at ease when performing; due to the welcoming atmosphere.

“Everyone’s super nice and welcoming, and that’s what I really like. I mean, because the genre of music I play is a lot different than a lot of the other bands,” Katz said.

Jake Behr, a member of the Zink Shirts staff, also states that there is no judgement when it comes to genres.

“We don’t discriminate based on genre because, what’s the point? We love music and we love doing this. This is our passion and we love supplying a place here for music to be cultivated in Oswego,” Behr said.

Whether the bands or local, or out-of-town bands passing through, Zansitis states that the purpose of hosting these events is to bring music to lives of people attending.

“Really , our philosophy is to try to enrich people’s lives with art and music. so, that’s kind of what we’re all about,” Zansitis said.131015_0002

Zink Shirts has several upcoming shows in October and November, and will charge only $5 per person attending for admittance.

Glenn Zantsitis and the Zink Shirt staff plan to continue to host live performances in the future, guaranteeing that this business will continue to have more to offer Oswego than just customized shirts.