Waterbury Hall Set for Spring 2015 Renovation

Waterbury Hall
Waterbury Hall (Photo by Maeghan Roberts)

A dorm building at SUNY Oswego is going to be getting some sprucing up.

Waterbury residence hall will be closing in December 2014 to undergo renovations. According to Residence Life and Housing, next year Waterbury will house students who will be living on campus for the fall semester only, to avoid the chaos of relocating them for the spring semester.

According to an article in The Oswegonian, the Waterbury renovation is part of a plan to renovate three residence halls on campus.

The other two are Scales and Funnelle halls. The budget for Waterbury’s renovation is between $7 million and $8 million, and will not reconstruct the building, but instead reinvent its appearance.

The future Waterbury Hall.
A Proposed Future Waterbury Hall. (Photo Courtesy Mach Architecture)

This includes a plan to connect Waterbury to the adjacent Scales Hall, with the goal of creating a stronger Lakeside community. The plan also includes creating lounges on the floors of Waterbury Hall, since currently there is only one on the main level.

Other additions to the building will include an elevator, as well as making the building more handicap accessible by making doorways and bathrooms larger.

The plumbing and ceilings will be redone, and while the outside of the building will be the same brick, the bricks will be polished up and updated for the new look of the building.

The renovation will not include adding central air conditioning into Waterbury or Scales halls, but Funnelle will be getting central air.

Scales Hall will undergo renovations after Waterbury is reopened in the fall of 2015.

[su_box title=”Residence Hall Renovation Timeline” box_color=”#286131″ radius=”5″]December 2014- Waterbury Hall closes
Fall 2015- Waterbury Hall reopens
Spring 2016- Scales Hall closed
Fall 2016- Scales Hall reopens
Spring 2017- Funnelle Hall closed
Fall 2017- Funnelle Hall reopens [/su_box]