Tyler Hall Renovation

For the past 46 years, Tyler Hall has been the home for SUNY Oswego’s music, theater and art departments. But this summer, the building is getting a whole new look.

Tyler Hall will be undergoing a $22.2 million renovation this summer, which will feature a new and improved Waterman Theatre, a two-story music rehearsal hall, and an expanded box office. The building will also include a larger art gallery, a digital media lab and a recording studio.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 4.05.37 PM
(Photo source: Ross Bentley)

Although longtime SUNY Oswego Theater professor Mark Cole will be retiring before the completion of the renovation, he is glad to see that students and faculty alike will be able to use the updated technology that Tyler Hall will have.

“The theater, in my way of thinking, has always been a laboratory for learning. So, to have all of the systems state of the art, I think will be a great advantage to students,” said Cole.

The renovation is the first step in improving Tyler Hall, as well as the neighboring building, Hewitt Union, and turn them into a permanent home for the School of Communication Media and The Arts.

The redevelopment is expected to take around a year and a half. Until the renovations are complete, SUNY Oswego will use that time period as a way to experiment with alternative venues for hosting performing arts in the Oswego community.