Trainer has a hard time returning back to life after COVID-19 lockdown

OSWEGO, NY — As the world begins to reopen one fitness fanatic is still trying to get back into the swing of things. 

SUNY Oswego student Brallan Rabanles has always had a passion for exercise so he jumped at the idea of becoming a fitness trainer at the Cooper Gym early 2020. Things quickly took a turn as the world began to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He says that lockdown has affected his overall being. 

“COVID has affected me physically and mentally. I just started training to teach a group exercise class and when that happened my training has been cut short, there’s been modifications to it but overall I still got the basics on how to teach a class,” he explains. 

Before the COVID 19 lockdown Brallan taught a core training class that consisted of 10-15 students. The gym was vibrant and filled with other group exercises including yoga, pilates, cycling and Zumba. 

Returning back to the gym after lockdown hasn’t been any easier. The gym now requires many safety precautions. Brallan says that masks are a must. 

“We’re very strict on masks because sometimes people would wear the mask incorrectly which would be underneath their nose and not fully covering it”. 

With fewer people attending the classes Brallan realizes that he isn’t getting the full teaching experience. 

“I’ve realized how much I’m missing out from the full teaching experience. I just remember going to the gym and there would be a very welcoming environment which it still is. It’s just not as lively as it used to be when it comes to teaching group exercise.” 

Brallan says that the gym is slowly but surely returning back to normal. 

“The gym is still open if you’re interested. Feel free to stop by the fitness center, pick up a group fitness calendar and we welcome you back with open arms he happily expressed. 

The Cooper gym is open and offering yoga, pilates, zumba, core and other full body workouts.