Therapy pets are finding homes thanks to Paws Across Oswego County

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Paws Across Oswego County is rescuing cats, dogs, and other small animals.

Marjorie Wentworth co-founded Paws Across Oswego County, a nonprofit organization that provides therapy animals for students and Oswego residents. She says the once mistreated and abandoned animals are given the chance to live new lives as emotional companions.

“My dog Sawyer was one of our first rescues. Being a therapy dog for him is, you know, I just tell him we’re going to work and he’s ready to go,” said Wentworth. “He was tied up outside for six years before we rescued him”.

SUNY Oswego allows therapy pets in the dorms if students have the proper documentation from a doctor.

Oswego student Emily Goleski adopted her dog Jayce last semester. She says her therapy pet provided support through difficult situations.

“Earlier in the semester my car ended up getting robbed and I was completely freaking out. I came inside and he [Jayce] curled in my lap and wouldn’t move. I felt a million times better,” Goleski said.

Students in need of therapy pets can seek advice from SUNY Oswego’s Office of Disability Services.

Paws Across is located on County Route 1 in the town of Oswego, and currently has more than ten cats and dogs waiting for permanent homes.