The Road to Capcom Cup X

In recent months the battle for Capcom Cup X qualifications has been hot. With some of the earliest competitors like SnakeEyez securing an early invitation as well as some major upsets namely MenaRD not getting his qualification after a grueling offline season. With all that being said, where do we stand now? How could you fight to be part of Street Fighter and Capcom history?

A photo of the author, Cabot Wiggett, holding his game controller

As of now the only way to secure your place in the next Capcom Cup is by competing in online qualifier events. The World Warrior series takes place monthly all across the globe. So during the downtime how can you prepare? Online tournaments are the greatest form of practice you can have. TheOnlineLocal and TampaNeverSleeps are two predominant tournaments that I frequent but there are others such as Can Opener.

With the offline season officially ended all tournaments for the near future will be hosted online. Many names like Tokido, Daigo, MenaRD, BigBird will be competing for the remaining spots at Capcom Cup X. The online season is looking to be incredibly competitive with so many big names still being unqualified. 

Leading up to Capcom Cup X the game will likely be getting 1 new character prior to the event. Ed is set to release in winter of 2023 placing his release only a month or two before Capcom Cup X. Much like Rashid on his release, Ed will likely see some backlash and have his tournament viability questioned. In my opinion Ed will not see much play going into Capcom Cup due to his late release meaning he is unlikely to shake up  the current top 3 meta of JP, Ken, and Luke.

An infographic with details about the current Capcom Cup season as well as other information on Street Fighter 6