Syracuse church gives groceries as a thank you to members

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — The Promise Land Church has been partnering with different companies to provide meals to essential workers. The committee has already been able to give to the Syracuse City Police department and Crouse Hospital staff. This week, the church’s outreach committee is turning its attention to everyone who has made previous donations possible.

With help from Wegmans and Insta-cart, the volunteers were able to offer items like milk, juice, eggs, rice, and bread. The committee’s set up outside of the church allows members to easily pick up items and maintain social distancing guidelines.

Having a chance to continue to help people through this time is so important, committee volunteer Tasha Benjamin said.

“Just being able to reach out to people who may be home alone or who may be just going through a hard time or missing loved ones or lost loved ones, I think it just lets them know that there are people that still care. They are loved. We’re here to support them in any way we can. And if it is by giving them a gallon of milk and some juice then so be it.” Benjamin said.