SUNY Oswego student creates nightlife app

OSWEGO, N.Y. – SUNY Oswego senior, Michael Civisca, created an app called Barwave earlier this year. The app allows you to publicly show what bars or restaurants you will be attending and see where the rest crowd will be going.

Civisca believes the app is an easy way to let your friends know your location and is a good way to educate people on nightlife in Oswego.

“I just thought there should be a way to educate people on going out and in an easy way,” he said. “The whole idea behind this is building a culture and entertaining people at their phones because we’re always looking at our phones.”

There has been some controversy surrounding Barwave. Your last checked-in location can be seen by anyone with the app. Some worry that stalkers will have an easy time finding their victims through Barwave.

“The people who are thinking of Barwave as a tool for stalkers aren’t looking at it the right way,” said Civisca. “With every other social media app, you can find out where people are too.”

He explained that the best way to keep someone from finding your location is to just not check in.

Civisca says that he plans to come out with a list of new features and promote the app at several other schools before the end of the semester.