SUNY Oswego prepares for flu outbreak

OSWEGO, N.Y.– The CDC has predicted a spike in the number of flu cases this year because of a spike in flu cases in the southern hemisphere. This comes as a concern for college campuses like SUNY Oswego, where colder fall temperatures and a student enrollment of over 7,000 can turn the campus into an influenza breeding ground. 

“Sometimes in our ED or our lab we see test numbers increase when we know college is in session,” Oswego Hospital Director Katie Pagliaroli said. “Whenever you see college students corded in one area, you tend to see a spike in flu cases.” 

Meanwhile, SUNY Oswego’s health center is undergoing renovations. This means that campus health care providers have to share Hewitt hall with the bookstore and art departments. But SUNY Oswego’s Director of Student Health, Angie Brown, is happy with the transition so far.

“Generally there’s been no interruption in care besides the actual transition to the building,” Brown said. “It’s the same exact care we’re providing over at Walker.”

Pagliaroli and Brown both recommended students and community members take precautions as we face a potentially horrendous flu season, including hand washing, covering coughs, covering sneezes, diet, exercise, and rest.  

SUNY Oswego’s Mary Walker Health Center is holding flu clinics through October. Students can schedule appointments by emailing