SUNY Oswego political clubs sit down for debate on Quest day

OSWEGO, N.Y.— Students at SUNY Oswego decided to get together to debate popular political topics. Organized by the Political Science club, students from College Republicans, College Democrats, and Young Americans for Freedom, sat down in a room full of SUNY Oswego students and faculty to discuss politics in America, as well as on campus.

Though their opinions differed on the many topics that were brought forward during the debate, the panelists were respectful towards one another.

“It was really good to kind of get us all sitting together and just talking about these in a civil manner and exposing more students to what our clubs are and some the views we hold,” said Tyler Toomey, College Republicans Chairman.

Topics such as healthcare, Planned Parenthood, and building a wall on the border were brought up and sometimes involved the audience reacting to the panelists based on their answers.

Ericka Solomon, Vice President of the Political Science club says that the panelists delivered more than she expected.

“Yeah, the panelists were—really the answers to the questions were just more than I could’ve asked more, it wasn’t just like one-word responses, they elaborated on everything. They were even humorous sometimes and they got the audience involved too and the audience was responsive to them and I think that was really great,” said Solomon.

The debate was an opportunity for the different clubs to express their views in a safe environment.

“Honestly, I would love to see them do this every Quest day from now on, because as long as we have a functioning College Democrats club on campus, I know that it’s going to be important for our club to be participating in these public debates,” Connor Breese, President of College Democrats.

To find out more about each club and their views, you can check them out on