SUNY Oswego hosts its first annual ‘Slime Run’

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OSWEGO, New York– Alpha Phi Omega, which is an organization at SUNY Oswego, teamed up with the Make-A-Wish foundation chapter in Central New York, to bring the Slime Run event to SUNY Oswego’s campus.

The Slime Run event originates from the Slime Time Live event that occurs on Nickelodeon. On the event that happens on Nickelodeon, different people would end up getting slimed if the contestant was able to correctly guess the two spots where a certain Nickelodeon character is on a puzzle.

Members of Alpha Phi Omega getting slimed. Photo by: Sameer Kumar
Members of Alpha Phi Omega getting slimed.
Photo by: Sameer Kumar

Dyana Smolen, who is the PR Communications Manager for Make-A-Wish in Central New York, was very pleased that Alpha Phi Omega helped her make this event possible.

“We are so proud of the students, and so grateful for them for hosting this event. Investing many months of planning and coming here and doing this Slime Run. To help wishes come true is awesome,” said Smolen.

The members of Alpha Phi Omega, including Eric Flagg, were pleased that they were able to help the Make-A-Wish foundation raise money to help make wishes come true.

“Showing what this community is able to do when we come together with a goal, our goal was of course A) to fundraise for the Make-A-Wish foundation, but B) was to really come together and do something as a collective community and really make this happen for Make-A-Wish,” said Flagg.

Over $2,000 was raised towards the Make-A-Wish foundation at the Slime Run event. To find out how you can help the Make-A-Wish foundation grant wishes, visit to find out more.