Student Population Drop

Will it affect SUNY Oswego?


With the college getting ready for the 2013 housing arrangements, it seems there is optimism for off campus living with suites that are currently under construction here in Oswego. However, according to residence life and housing student population is suspected to decline within the next five years by 30,000 less high school graduates.

Naomi Himes, Premiere Living Suites manager says that she has no doubt about filling these new apartments.


“There are 71 students in the building. So, there are 18 apartments and each has four bedrooms, there’s one on the first floor that has three bedrooms because we needed space for the lobby and we are completely full for the 2013-14 year,” Himes said.

When asked about the future decline of student population, Himes says that she will have no problem recruiting. She believes that word of mouth will be the prominent factor in making students interested in residing in the building.

The birth rate has dropped in recent years, leaving the amount of high school seniors in Central New York to drop as well. Richard Kolenda, vice president of Residence Life and Housing says that the new science center as well as new majors will be the main attraction for potential undergraduates.

With the large amount of vacancies set to take place within the residence halls on campus, SUNY Oswego is preparing to counter this decline. Kolenda outlines the groundwork’s that will take place over the next five years.

“The admissions office is doing a great job at trying to attract the fewer students that are out there. We are hopeful that the admissions office will be able to provide us with a good number of freshmen when they come in the fall seeing as they are the core of our occupancy numbers,“ Kolenda said.

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With faculty dependent on admissions, they are confident within their hopes to recruit enough students in order to defeat the expected decline in student population in the future.