Student Fees To Increase for SUNY Oswego Students

SUNY Oswego students can expect to see an increase in fees starting Fall 2018.

Two out of the four mandatory fees students are required to pay will increase.

Every year, students pay a health fee, an athletic fee, a transportation fee and a technology fee. The fees that will be increasing will include the athletic fee, which will increase twelve dollars, and the transportation fee, which will increase three dollars.


Nicolas Lyon, the Vice President of Administration and Finance, held an open forum today in Marano Campus Center  137 from 11-1pm on “Broad Based Fees”.

  • Health fee: $183
    • Cover prescriptions for students, testing, lab testing, counseling, crisis therapy, stress relieving activities come finals week, checkups, etc


  • Athletic Fee $437 (to increase to $449)
    • For athlete transportation food, concessions, new free app, free admission for students to games
  • Transportation $26 (to $29)
    • Busing, zip cars, vans, to and from mall, airport, travel home during breaks, and
  • Technology fee ($419)
    • Blackboard, myoswego, labs, renovations to buildings, all comp

Undergraduate students can expect to see a charge of $1,083.00 in total for all of these fee’s to come in 2018.