South Korean student filled with national pride watching Olympics from SUNY Oswego

OSWEGO, N.Y —  The 2018 winter Olympics began eight days ago. Television broadcasts are focused on South Korea and its people, a point of pride for some international exchange students at SUNY Oswego.  

Ji Wook Hur is studying economics at Oswego. He is also the treasurer of the Korean Oswego Student Association. Hur says he enjoys the positive attention South Korea is getting.

“I think it is really great honor and is a great chance to promote Korean culture and Korean economics and every field can be promoted by holding the Olympics,” Hur said.

The most recent major event in South Korea was the 2002 FIFA world cup. Hur was living in South Korea during that time.

“I was an elementary student. I watched all the games. It was like a festival for us. I have strong memory of the 2002 world cup,” Hur said.

16 years later, Hur is living in the United States, and although he is not in South Korea, he says he continues to support his nation no matter where he lives.