Shiza Shahid speaks on equal education at SUNY Oswego

OSWEGO, N.Y. — It has been quite the journey for women this year, as they fight for gender equality and representation. SUNY Oswego welcomed Shiza Shahid as part of the “I am Oz” Diversity speaker series. Shiza Shahid, a Pakistani equal education activist, says she wanted to make a difference for young women on both a large and small scale.

Shahid looked into the audience after explaining life in Pakistan and asked: “How can a woman have so much power that she can lift her entire community out of poverty, but have such little power thatshe can’t go outside for a walk?”

Shahid explains that although change has begun, America also has a long way to go.

“America given that it’s the wealthiest country in the world has significant challenges, and in some respects, is a terrible place to be a woman,” Shahid said.

As Shahid pushes for gender equality globally, she advises to start small. Three days ago SUNY Oswego student Tom Leprine began the “His for Her” organization on campus. Leprine says this is a great opportunity to keep people aware of gender issues.

“As a whole, yes, gender equality is our goal, but as a student run organization, but really our main focus is on awareness of these issues, and spreading reason for why we need gender equality and creating a platform,” Leprine said.