Seneca Hill Ghost- A Spooky Investigation

Things To Do: Investigative Edition  

   Ghosts are a fascinating topic. Whether true or false, stuck in a different realm, or a product of false hope: we can all agree that it is transformational to imagine and investigate. The Seneca Hill Ghost is a story that dates back to 1898 and continues in 2023. Let me take you through the legend and tales of a woman and her daughter running through Oswego and Minetto. In simple summary form: Man murders neighbors and potentially family in 1898, many fires and history happens within the next few years, mother and daughter ghosts of Seneca Hill are spotted by multiple people, over the course of a Century. 

The Seneca Hill Ghost is usually running with her daughter. One can’t help but wonder why she is running, or rather: what she is running from. Pictured below are multiple theories, viewpoints, and experiences. One of the theories not mentioned is one that people were dressing up as this ghost and terrorizing people; I do not believe this theory had any substance. 

All Information from Infographic originally captured by and and 

I took it upon myself to drive down to the various areas the Seneca Hill Ghost and her potential daughter had been spotted and it was quite the experience. I drove slowly, made sure to speak to the ghost, and worked hard in composing myself and all of my energy. Below is what I captured. 


For more information on the video and photo, Listen to my podcast episode! 

Whether or not you believe in the energy of spirits, one thing is for certain: there will always be the possibility that they exist. Beyond the human eye, there is so much that is unattainable. Through imagination, exploration, and adventure, we can cook up theories, ideas, and lessons from the deceased. My working theory is that the Seneca Hill Ghost has pure intention, with a dark past. From that angle, if I investigate further, there is the potential for her to show herself to me and explain her story. The best part of life is the unknown. Not knowing if this ghost has been seen or not, if someone is dressing up and scaring people, if people have come together to create a fictional story, is what makes learning and investigating so important. In everyday life we must approach things with an open mind and when it comes to ghosts there is no doubt the same feeling. 

The chills on my arms, feeling of overwhelming tension, and terror in my heart were all very prominent when I visited where the ghost had been seen throughout these many years. I have been told by many mediums that I have a connection with the other side and lost souls, and this was no exception to the gift that has been given to me. If able, make it a point to stop by the routes and locations these ghosts have either been hiding or making themselves visible from.