Potholes in Oswego cause damage, uproar for drivers


Snow plows are working endlessly to remove excess snow from roads at SUNY Oswego during this harsh winter season to make roads safer for drivers. However, the aftermath creates a driver’s worst nightmare: potholes.

With the spring thaw on the horizon, the damage left on the SUNY Oswego roads is now more evident than ever. The potholes make commuters feel, angry, afraid and even unsafe.

“It’s really a moment of where, is the car going to be all right after or am I going to go off the road or something like that,” commuter Alain Pierre-Lys said. “It just kind of makes you feel unsettled as you’re driving.”

Not only are potholes a nuisance for student commuters, but they are also dangerous for pedestrians.

“It’s also a safety issue a lot of the time,” student Russ Blasko said. “You see drivers swerving out of the way of potholes that could cause an accident. You got pedestrians trying to cross the street, not paying attention and could trip, that sort of thing.”

Many SUNY Oswego students took out their frustrations and expressed concern on Twitter about potholes on campus using the hashtag #OswegoPotHoles.


One student even tweeted about how the potholes on campus have damaged her car.

The Office of Facilities and Maintenance said as soon as the weather breaks for good, they will begin to repair potholes on most campus roads. For now, they are doing the best they can.

If potholes on campus have caused damage to your car, tweet your concerns using #OswegoPotholes.