Oswego Salvation Army take on the holiday season.

OSWEGO, New York- With the holiday season now in full swing, it is always important to remember those who are less fortunate and don’t have much.  For 3 and a half years now, Major James Pervis, the executive director of the Oswego Salvation Army, has been working hard to make sure that nobody is left out.

“When you look at Oswego County as a whole, when they come out with the state numbers, Oswego County is always in the last of the things they rank the counties in. Whether its poverty or health wise, whatever it is, it seems to be Oswego County is always lowest in the stats. So I think in saying that, thats why probably more than ever we’re needed, not only in the county but in these communities.” said Pervis.

The Red Kettle workers are all over Oswego at different store-front locations ringing their bell.

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“I like giving back to the community, since the community has helped me out, the Salvation Army and everybody has helped me out, so i decided to go ahead and help them out by volunteering.” said George Swatkowski, one of the volunteer bell ringers.

The Red Kettle Bell will continue throughout the holiday season, giving everyone a chance to help out the cause.