Oswego Middle School students return to in-person learning

OSWEGO, N.Y. — A significant sign of progress as Oswego Middle School successfully reopened its doors for in-person learning. 

The Oswego Middle School was closed for almost a year forcing students to take classes virtually. Following a new hybrid model of learning, students will attend in person learning on Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday. While Wednesdays remain virtual for all students to allow for deep cleaning of the school.

‘’So far so good, you know we have all the safety protocol in place and students are following them,” Oswego Middle School principal Mary Beth Fierro said. 

Fierro says she is fully prepared for change and ready to have students and staff back in the building. 

“It’s been great seeing them back. They’re smiling, we’re asking all of them how they like their days and they say so much better,” Fierro said. 

To adhere to social distancing guidelines classes are small. Some even as small as two students. 

Students say they’ve missed the social aspect school provides and are happy to be back and away from a computer screen. 

“Mostly just getting to see people again and not having to look at my computer for seven hours a day,” Oswego Middle School eighth grader Brooklyn Saternow said. 

Fierro is hopeful students will get back to in person instruction five days a week but said for now, the school plans to stick with the current four day model. 

For more information on the Oswego Middle Schools reopening you can check on the OMS webpage.