Oswego men’s club rugby team benefits from a successful season

OSWEGO, NY — Oswego State’s Men’s Club Rugby team has had a history of winning, and it’s finally paying off.

What started in the 1970s as a small Division III club team is now a legitimate contender – they’ve officially become a Division I club team for the first time in their history.

This new title is a result of their multiple winning seasons.

“We’ve won the championship the past ten years in a row. It’s really a big deal,” says team captain Devin Sagendorf. “The alumni always tells us that we need to win, it’s a big tradition.”

Though becoming a Division I team is a step in the right direction, it comes with challenges.

“We’re a Division I team at a Division III school. Even if we do win, we can’t go to the Final Four or the Elite Eight. We can only make it so far with our funding,” says Sagendorf.

Funding isn’t the only challenge. The team has never faced Division I competition before, so they aim to improve their play in order to compete next semester.