Syracuse University protests continue amid new incident, ongoing disagreement

Courtesy of Ricky “Reports” Sayer. TWITTER: @RickyReports

SYRACUSE, NY- An incident where two Latino students were verbally harassed is just the latest in a string of racial and religious bias incidents on SU’s campus. However, these incidents are just one of over a thousand bias incidents that have been reported across the country, according to a study by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). 

Courtesy of the National Center for Education Statistics report available at

Locally, such incidents have been reported at other colleges in the area as well. Less than an hour north, SUNY Oswego has experienced a similar incident when racist messages were found inside a dorm. The campus since sent a mass email to students addressing the incident

Email sent to SUNY Oswego Students after a student found hateful messages written on a bathroom stall.

“To just send an email is not enough,” said Briana Boteng, who is a member of the African Student Organization at Oswego. “You don’t want to feel like you’re going to a school where you (could be) attacked because of the color of your skin.

SU Students have not yet reached an agreement with Chancellor Kent Syverud over changes to campus conduct policies, and they say the fight for change will continue into the spring semester.