New Holiday Inn Express opening in Oswego

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Oswego, NY- The city of Oswego, known for SUNY Oswego, Fishing on Lake Ontario, Harborfest and its world famous sunset is always hosting tourists. These tourists come in need of a place to stay and sometimes it’s difficult to find a room.

Hotel Giant, IHG, plans to help Oswego County’s tourism industry with their new Holiday Inn Express hotel. The hotel has four floors and 81 rooms on the east side of the city, off Route 104.

Although providing another place for tourists to stay, some other hotel owners say it could take away from their business.

“We are not building any attractions for people to come and visit. But on the other hand we’re building motels for people to come and stay,” Oswego Inn Executive Operations Manager Ishrat Ahmed said.

However, Oswego County Tourism officials say this new hotel will benefit the city and its tourism industry.

“When events are going on at the college, Harbor fest is a major festival, and lodging is difficult to find,” Oswego County Tourism and Public Information Coordinator Janet Clerkin said.

Having the extra accommodations in Oswego will be important during the busy tourism times throughout the year, Clerkin said.

The hotel will be great for the city, construction worker Dave Utley said.
Many attractions in the city, like Lake Ontario and the Oswego Speedway bring in people from all over, but when the other hotels in town are full there is nowhere else for these tourists to stay.

Competition is both good and scary for local businesses like the Oswego Inn.

“It’s good for business that you can see what they are bringing and what you can do and people who see what you have to offer will come back to you,” Ishrat Ahmed said.

The Holiday Inn express is expected to open in June 2016.