Little Laker Fans Find Role Model in Captain

OSWEGO NY- Every home game hundreds of Oswego Laker fans file into the stands at the Marano Campus Center Ice Arena. A combination of community members, students, and children come together to fill up the whole arena on gameday. At the beginning of every period kids line up along the Oswego locker room tunnel to high-five players as they take the ice, in that group are some of the biggest little laker fans, Adrienne and Caroline Thompson.

Adrienne and Caroline love attending hockey games their Father, Gary Thompson said “We came to our first game not knowing what to expect given that they are little girls and we haven’t missed one since.” They love every part of the game especially seeing their favorite player, Senior Captain Devin Campbell.

Over the course of this season and last season Adrienne and Caroline have gotten closer to the Defenseman. They make signs for him, and he gives them pucks and sticks after games. When asked about their relationship Campbell said “To make a kids day by giving him a signed stick or something is the least I could do to give back for everything Hockey has given to me.”

Coach Ed Gosek has also been impressed with Campbell’s leadership during this years season both on the ice with the team and off the ice in the community. Gosek said “Devin has led by example earned the respect of his teammates, he’s done a great job of bringing the team together, they are a tight knit group of guys…I’m proud of the job that he has done”

It’s not just Coach Gosek who is appreciative of Campbell’s efforts, Gary Thompson said “It’s so nice that my children can find a hero, and their hero is an Oswego State Hockey player.”