Lighthouse Coworks Grand Opening

Today marked the grand opening of the first ever cowork in the city of Oswego. A co-work or shared office space, aims to give “at home” businesses and startups a place to lay their roots. It’s as simple as trying to separate work and home.

Lighthouse Coworks, located in the heart of Oswego is a public space where individuals can pay, to rent their own temporary workspace. At either $15 dollars a day, or 1 and 2 hundred dollars a month, occupants pay for what they need. Internet access, a business mailing address, anything you may need to run a start up business and it’s all pay as you go.

Co-founder of the company Ellen Clark hopes that lighthouse co-works gives home-business owners a place to get away.

[su_quote cite=”Ellen Clark, Co-Founder Lighthouse Coworks”]“We have a lot of people interested in renting space and just coming for the day. People want to get out of their homes and a lot of people that have home businesses as soon as they hear they can get out of the house and away from the baby crying or the dog barking, that would be great.”[/su_quote]

The Oswego Chamber of Commerce, and Mayor Thomas Gillen were present to congratulate the new business owners and welcome a new type of business to Oswego. To learn more about Lighthouse Coworks you can visit their Facebook page or website at