Legends of Gray Road

By: Aurora Fitzgerald


This seemingly ordinary road in Oswego NY heading to Minneto holds much more than just asphalt ground; it harbors a tapestry of legends and ghost stories that have woven their way into the fabric of local lore of Oswego.  This path takes on an otherworldly aura and energy as the sun sets and shadows dance on its edges through the surrounding forest. With rumors of genocide, suicide, and hangings, it is here that some locals whisper about ghostly apparitions, unexplained phenomena, and chilling encounters that have given leeway to rumors of paranormal activity. To shed some light on this topic, I interviewed some locals to see if they had ever encountered the paranormal.


During the investigation process, the goal was to get there at dusk and camp out until dark. I went with my lovely roommate who also did the podcast with me which is attached below, go have a listen about our experience! Armed with skepticism and a thirst for truth, we ventured into the eerie realm that had long been whispered about in hushed tones. I drove my car up and down this desolate road once to get a feel for the area. Nothing but large forest areas, small ponds and two run down houses. The first house seemed to have people living there but the second house only had one singular candle lit in the window. This is the first check off the list for the truth of the stories told. As dusk fell and the sun laid to rest, we went through some of the woods and found trails, old carved pumpkins left behind to rot, an old horseshoe on a tree branch, and an old abandoned railroad. There was a car parked on the side of the road which caught us off guard but it just belonged to a father and a son skating up and down the road. We thought it was very brave of them to do so with all the stories circling the town. The father was not present at the time but the son told us a bit about the road and the legends it holds. 

For confidential reasons, I did not ask for his name. As soon as I asked the boy if he had encountered any sort of paranormal activity, he knew exactly what I was talking about. Him and his friends know the stories but do not believe in those sorts of things and have also not experienced anything. Although the boy did not skate there often, he said his father has skated there for a long time and not even he has seen any paranormal things. Nothing. Nada. This made the search even more questionable but we kept blazing the trail in hopes of finding something worthwhile. 

Personal Encounters

Being a psychic and reiki apprentice, it is easy for me to notice when energies change. I am able to see and hear things that are beyond our mortal plane. Whether one believes it or not, these things are indeed real, as some science has also proved it. Feel free to contact me for a tarot card reading!

Unfortunately, I personally do not think this place is haunted as people say it is. If locals that have been visiting there for years and have not seen anything, it raises suspicion that this all might sadly be a game of telephone. There were a few spots that contained some sort of energy that was off but it was not anything major like I have experienced before. Even in the dark of the night, aimlessly traveling up and down this road to see if any entity would present themselves, there was nothing. Yes, there is some thought of going back to the location to do a further and longer investigation but from the information gathered already and with extremely little evidence available, we might have just debunked this entire scheme. 


There is no doubt that there might have been some cruel events that happened on this road, yet it doesn’t seem like those spirits roam this path. Gray Road, once shrouded in mystery, revealed itself as a place where reality prevailed over the spectral fables that had captivated the community for generations. The lack of any firsthand paranormal experience and a small yet beneficial interview led us to the conclusion that perhaps the ghost stories were nothing more than imaginative tales, woven over time through the fabric of local lore.