Facebook privacy policies: How well do you know them?

OSWEGO, NY — In the wake of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifying on Capitol Hill, it has some people wondering how safe Facebook really is.

Facebook is a free platform to share photos and life updates with friends, but critics say that the real cost is your privacy.

“[Social media platforms] are major companies for a reason,” said SUNY Oswego student Eberton Reed. “They have something that someone wants”.

Social media requires users to release pieces of their personal information in exchange for use of the platform.

“I think its really ignorant of us including myself to put stuff out there,” said SUNY Oswego student Celene Stewart.

SUNY Oswego graduate student Holly Reitmeier studies social media usage and data collection. “Although Facebook users are quick to complain that their rights are being violated, they rarely take the time to read through anyways,” said Reitmeier.

Facebook has said that it plans to roll out a new privacy control center later this year.