Diversity Award for SUNY Oswego

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Dr. Joshua McKeown Associate Provost for International Education and Programs at the State University of New York Oswego, is excited over the recent diversity award for Organizational Excellence.

A member of the International Student Scholar and Student services department, McKeown says his own personal study abroad experience as an undergraduate in Spain fostered his passion for international education both in the class room and abroad.

“Besides opening my eyes to the world, I got exposed to the idea that you can live abroad, you can study abroad, you can travel while studying. You’re not confined to your present place, that’s a possibility for you if you work at it and hard for it.” McKeown said.

Winning this award shows how the community in Oswego has grown, not only in the international students studying abroad at SUNY Oswego. The number of students of color has doubled since 2010, 36 percent of Fall Freshman intake students identified as non-white.

“When I began in this role in 2001 we had about 70 international students, whom were mostly from Canada…We’ve grown within the last couple of years hitting a high of 270 last year, with the number of countries represented being 42 different countries. And the campus alone has definitely benefited from the cultural diversity.” McKeown said.

McKeown says the department will continue to foster the international community both on campus and abroad.