Car owners prepare for Oswego’s winter

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Snow, ice and freezing temperatures pose challenges for drivers in Oswego County every winter.

SUNY Oswego student Ian Padgett was a victim of a winter-related car accident last year. He says a lack of traction from his car’s worn out tires got him into trouble.

“I hit my brakes and my wheels locked up; I just kept sliding,” said Padgett. “I messed up my passenger door and shattered the window. I had to get a brand new door”.

A&P Automotive manager Mike Silliman says having a set of winter tires on a car is essential to maintaining traction on icy conditions and avoiding accidents.

The things you gotta think about with tires, it’s not just taking off. It’s your breaking and your cornering, that’s where the accidents happen,” said Silliman

Road salt can prevent ice buildup on pavement, but it can also provoke fast-spreading rust throughout a car’s body and frame. Silliman recommends a thorough, weekly wash to keep a car free from salt, and ultimately, free from costly rust damage.

Silliman recommends packing a small survival kit in the car, in case of mechanical issues or bad weather leave the car and driver stranded.  Essential items in this kit can include jumper cables, a warm blanket, change of clothes, shovel, a flashlight, and more.