Body Cameras Issued to SUNY Oswego Police Officers

SUNY Oswego University Police

OSWEGO, N.Y. – SUNY Oswego Police Department joins six other state universities to start making their police officers wear body cameras. As of February 1st, SUNY Oswego’s officers have been wearing these cameras and so far there have been no issues.

Since these officers work twelve hour shifts it is impossible to keep the cameras on at all times. Due to this the cameras record only up to eight hours of footage a day. The purpose of the body cameras is to make sure the officers are handling situations correctly, SUNY Oswego’s Chief of Police John Rossi said.

“The cameras will only be on when they have to be on, meaning that when an officer pulls someone over or gets a call they will turn their cameras on and we will make sure they are handling the situation professionally.”

Students like Junior Devon Buckland believe that not only will this help student’s safety but officers as well. “If someone accuses an officer for being in the wrong you can now look back at the footage and have proof.” said Buckland.

Videotaped encounters will be uploaded daily once an officer returns from his or her shift. Under legislative law these videos are available to defense attorneys as well as suspects at any time.