Beat The Winter Blues: Snowshoeing in Oswego County

Photo of Blue Trail at Rice Creek by Katti Blum

Polar Vortex or not, the days of enjoying the snow are coming to an end. Before winter melts away, snowshoeing is one way to take advantage of The Port City’s record lake effect snowfalls.

For a small investment that lasts a lifetime, snowshoeing provides a host of benefits. Snowshoeing burns approximately 500 calories an hour, serves as a great cardio workout and helps to build strength and endurance.

Get a jump start on your spring training by heading out onto one of the many trails Oswego County has available for public use.

Where To Go:

Rice Creek Field Station, 193 Thompson Road, Oswego

  • Green trail is a gentle three quarter mile loop through the forest.
  • Blue and Red trails are about a mile through the evergreen plantation.
  • Orange trail contains the most diverse terrain with slight ridges and slopes that total slightly over two miles.
  • Take a break at the covered picnic area (cheese and wine, anyone?). Dogs on a leash are also welcome.

Fallbrook Recreation Center, 103 Thompson Road, Oswego

  • Neighboring Rice Creek, the grounds at Fallbrook provide a bit more of a challenge with uphill trails through the pines. There are a network of trails covering Fallbrook’s 188 acres.

Oswego Middle School, 100 Mark Fitzgibbons Drive, Oswego

  • The trail behind the track of Oswego Middle School is a gradual incline that totals about a mile. Dogs are welcome. There is plenty of parking at the track.

Tips for the Best Snowshoeing Experience:

Be sure to wear waterproof boots.

Wear tall socks that will stay up and not fall into your boot.

Dress for 20 degrees warmer than the temperature outside.

If you are in the market for snowshoes, L.L. Bean Winter Walkers are hard to beat. Easy on, easy off!

Happy Trails!

This post was written by Community Voice contributor Katti Blum.