2020 Presidential Election’s impact on immigrants

OSWEGO, NY.  — The topic of immigration takes center stage, as this subject remains a prominent issue among the political parties. America continues to be largely divided regarding immigration, making the outcome of this election all the more unpredictable. 

As voters wait on the election results, they will not be the only ones dependent on who will become the next president. According to the Study of USA’s Guide for International Students, America has one of the largest international student populations, with more than a million students studying abroad here in the states — some of whom attend universities like SUNY Oswego, such as Kaushal Joshi.

Joshi is a sophomore from Nepal, a country in South Asia, who shares that he has always felt out of place being in the states during Trump’s candidacy. 

“The United States has had a very controversial stance on immigrants, like although it is supposed to be a nation of immigrants, but the way the Trump administration has handled its policies, the views from most Americans has not been very good about immigrants being here,”  Joshi said. 

Organizations and clubs like, Vote Oswego,  have helped raise awareness and emphasize the importance of voting. Voting is a fundamental right guaranteed by the United States Constitution and can help have one’s voice be heard. Citizens can choose candidates that best represent their ideals, beliefs, and interests that may relate to issues their society faces.

Americans must now consider how their votes will affect the future of immigration.

“Voting is such an important right, you need to exercise your right and let your voice be heard and let your opinions be clear, ” Joshi said. “Even if it is not affecting you directly, you need to do it for people around you. It might be your friend, your neighbor, or a family member who is being affected by everything that is going on in this country.”

The final date to cast your ballot is November 3rd, 2020.