2018 Team USA Olympic uniforms representing super heroes

OSWEGO, NY — The 2018 winter olympics are here, and as usual the athletes are turning heads with their skills.
This year they are turning more heads though for a different reason. Several American teams are wearing Marvel super hero uniforms.

They are of the classic and almost expected Captain America.
The women’s ski teams are championing that suit, and another, the hero Captain Marvel, AKA Carol Danvers.

The character has been around since 1968, she has been gaining vastly more popularity as recently as 2012,
when Kelly Sue Deconnick took over lead writing on the character. Martin helps run the local comic shop. He knows plenty about Captain Marvel’s journey to mainstream popularity.

Martin during the interview Photo my: Patrick Manion

“Captain marvel has, been around for a long time. And just now, I think she’ll have the movie coming out, Marvel over the last several years has had a real big push with her,” Martin said.
“She’s a strong character, and I think the more mainstream she gets I think people will realize what a strong character she is.”

The character [Captain Marvel] has now gone from small time to the big leagues.
An old favorite to many over the years and a new favorite to more and more. She entertains her readers, doing things for the them that not many can.

“I think the characters are meant to give, people hope,” Mullen said.

Mullen explaining the details of why we latch on to heroes Photo by:Patrick Manion

Michael Mullen is an Oswego County mental health counselor and a long time basketball coach.
With his time on and off the court helping others, he helps give context to how people are inspired by superheroes.

“You see many more characters and portrayls of strong women now which of course now which you know would make sense, I mean culturally and socially,”  Mullen said.

These heroes are here to entertain and inspire us. Just like the olympians in the Pyeongchang olympics are doing now.
In the words of Carol Danvers herself, they make us want to go, “…higher, further, faster, more”.