11-year-old benefits from St. Baldricks Oswego

Oswego, N.Y. – Scotty Miner has faced several obstacles the last few months; but with the help of others willing to do just about anything, he is staying hopeful.

Scotty Miner of Oswego

Scotty’s mom Valerie says he is a caring, helpful, and genuine boy.

“He’s a good kid. He really just tries to make everyone happy. He gets along with just about anybody; and he cares a lot about people,” Valerie said.

His smile, and positive outlook on life are things that cancer couldn’t take away from him. Scotty was diagnosed with Leukemia in January.

Despite the news, it’s not like Scotty to shy away from a challenge.

“When we found that out, we were crying, but we both looked at each other and we said that we would do this together no matter what happened,” Scotty said.

He would be induced in a coma for two weeks. Scotty’s parents could feel a sense of hope when Scotty was sending hearts through his vitals.

St. Baldricks, an organization that raises money for childhood cancer research held its Oswego County event this past Saturday. Contributors of St. Baldricks shave their heads to support cancer patients.

When a family friend started a St. Baldrick’s page, Scotty Strong, Scotty’s brother Dan didn’t hesitate to shave his head.

Scotty’s brother, Dan Miner

The St. Baldricks Oswego event managed to raise more than $70-thousand for childhood cancer research, which will go to children like Scotty, to conquer childhood cancers.

Those interested in donating can visit http://stbaldricks.org