Getting your last-minute Valentine’s day gifts on a budget

OSWEGO, N.Y — Today is February 14th, and thousands of people are celebrating Valentine’s day. On this day, couples, friends and families show their love and appreciation to their love by exchanging gifts. People tend to spend a lot of money on flowers and very expensive gifts. Nonetheless, there are some people that prefer to save some money and take a do it yourself (DIY) approach in order to stay on a budget.

Taking some time out of your day to think about a meaningful gift that you can make on a budget, with arts and craft materials can be done in stores like Walmart.

Here are meaningful gifts that can be made at home at a low cost are: 

  • Filling a mason jar with small notes of things you love about that person and decorated with hearts. 
  • Making your own Valentine’s day card out of construction paper and personalizing it for that person. 
  • Print out a photo calendar or book with pictures of you and your loved one from Walmart’s photo printing service. 
  • Making a treats basket with that person’s favorite treats and snacks and decorate it. 

If you don’t have time for a DIY you can still stay on a budget by taking advantage of the deals that stores like TJ Maxx and Walmart have to offer.

SUNY Oswego Student Joel Betancourt says “This card was only three dollars at Walmart, just writing something down is really genuine, this plant was three seventy-four and she loves plants”.

You can also enjoy this cold day full of love from the comfort of your home by enjoying some of Spotify or Apples music’s Valentine’s day playlists.