SUNY Oswego progresses eco-friendly movement

OSWEGO, N.Y– The SUNY Oswego Office of Sustainability is committed to making the college campus more earth-friendly by making students aware of environmental developments that not only help them recycle more but also, develop their mindset with intellectual capability, skills, and technology.

Since its start, Sustainability had projects that involve students. Its most involved project is Tap In. It was inaugurated in early 2016 with the mission to reduce waste by utilizing reusable water bottles rather than plastic water bottles. This led to Perk Up, that has the same concept but with reusable hot beverage cups for coffee. nearly 3000 disposable cups were saved by the end of the 2016-17 academic year. Bus Share and Bike Share are the latest apps created by Sustainability.

Sustainability has plans for Earth Week beginning Monday, April 23rd.

  1. 04/23 – Save the Trees!: It will be the last day for students to sign a pledge that will help reduce SUNY Oswego’s paper consumption.
  2. 04/24 – Transpo Tuesday: Sustainability will reveal statistics of the Bus Share and Bike Share app. Sustainability will also give an update on The Bike Share program.
  3. 04/25 – Metrics Update: Sustainability will reveal more statistics of how much plastic and paper was saved.
  4. 04/26 – Beneath the Surface: Screening of documentary “Beneath the Surface: the Storied History of Lake Onondaga.” Writer/Director Mark Eischen will host a discussion about his movie with students afterward.
  5. 04/27 – Last Day of Earth Week: final day of Save the Trees! and the winner of a Rocket Wave Notebook will be revealed.

Sustainability Program Coordinator Jamie Adams says she’s looking forward to Thursday’s event the most.

“It’s such a great experience to have Native Americans studies, American studies, woman studies, the sciences, sociology, and cinema and screen studies; all of these groups coming together for the same topics but to look at them from different lenses. That’s what Sustainability is all about, everybody coming together to look at the same concerns and collaborating,” Adams said.