Speedways back in business

Fulton, N.Y.– After being forced to close due to COVID-19, the Fulton and Brewerton Speedways are back by popular demand. As general manager of the Fulton and Brewerton Speedways Cory Reed tells us, he’s beyond grateful to be back.

“Yeah I’m really pumped and you know I’m starting to hear back from people, my staff is starting to call and things are starting to happen, so yeah it’s an exciting time of the year” Reed said. 

Although the employees are excited to return the fans are over the moon. Especially the couple Sean Walsh and Kelly Lawton who have been following racing almost their entire lives.

“Kelly and I have been going there for so long now that you see familiar faces and its you know you kind of miss everybody in the winter and everybody goes away so it’s always cool to reconnect with folks you haven’t seen all winter,” said Walsh.

While the Speedway used to attract lot of fans Cory Reed said the track lost a lot of money due to the pandemic and is hoping this time helped everyone instead of hurting. 

“I’m hoping that this year off didn’t hurt us all. I hope it helped us all. I hope people are hungry. But I’m curious what it’s going to do.”

With new precautions being added like designated entry-ways, new fences, and caution lights the Speedway is going to look a little bit different but be more COVID friendly. 

“Our first and foremost is the safety and health of our participants and fans”, said Reed

As the season starts to get underway Cory says all are welcome, no matter your age. With a community atmosphere, cheap food, and new weekend programs like monster trucks there’s fun for the whole family.

“You know, it’s loud, it’s dirty, and it’s a blast” said Walsh.

Fulton’s Speedway is set to reopen May 1st and May 7th in Brewerton. Tickets are available to order at fultonspeedway.com