Oswego Halloween events that will spook

OSWEGO, N.Y. – This is Colette Astoria’s favorite time of year. 

Astoria, Owner and Operator of Haunted Oswego Tours, takes groups around the city streets to share the most haunted locations and word of mouth stories.

 “The ghosts that we talk about are the ghosts who lived here in Oswego and it’s interesting to a lot of the locals when they hear some of these stories,” said Astoria. 

John Grouber is a tour guide with Haunted Oswego Tours, but also is the brains behind another spooky event.

 “My other involvement is the Zombie Fashion Show coming up on Wednesday, October 4th. It is a party of sorts and also a fashion runway with zombies as our models and it’s a contest to see who will be the best zombie,” said Grouber.

Haunted Oswego Tours and the Zombie Fashion Show are not the only ones hosting creepy events. One Oswego location has been dubbed the most supernatural.

“I personally believe it’s one of the most haunted places in the United States, if not the world because things happen during the day as well as at night,” said Caroline Lamie.

Lamie, Officer Manager for Fort Ontario, has worked at the fort for over a decade and says they have lantern tours and a ghost hunt tour on October 14th.

“The lantern tours are on Thursday nights and that’s where we walk around and do the real history, which is creepy because you’re walking around in the dark with just lanterns. Then, you got the ghost tours, which on my very first day of working here I saw a woman from like the rib cage down, walk past me.”

And the ghost stories do not end there. They are historically-based, locally-sourced and more recurring than people think. So like Colette says at the beginning of her tours…“If you don’t wish to take a ghost home, don’t come.”

For more information on Haunted Oswego Tours, visit hauntedoswego.com. The free Zombie Fashion Show is on October 4th at 6:30 PM. To learn more about the lantern and ghost hunt tours…check out Fort Ontario’s Facebook