Vote Oswego helps hundreds of SUNY Oswego students vote in this year’s election

OSWEGO, N.Y. –The Vote Oswego campaign teamed up with residence halls, professors, and other campus organizations to ensure that students took this year’s election very seriously. 

“Mainly our focus is showing people it doesn’t take much time to go and vote,” said SUNY Oswego student Alexa Cox. 

As the distribution strategist for Vote Oswego, Cox understands that some students feel neither presidential candidate is up for the task.

“You may not like the candidates for whatever reason, or you may feel like your vote doesn’t matter but we’re trying to tell you that it does,” said Cox. “There are plenty of other elections that are being voted on on the local level that we really think people should find important and go and vote.”

The Vote Oswego campaign received over 700 requests from students for help with registering to vote. Although circumstances have changed, they continued to reach out to students in a number of ways virtually.

Through collaborations with residence halls and campus organizations like the Sigma Lambda Upsilon, the non partisan voting source helped inform students on how to have their voices heard. 

Not only is voting important and a civic duty, Cox says it is also how you have your voice heard.

Many of the students who requested an absentee ballot visited the Oswego County Board of Elections office, to drop it off during the early voting period. 

For SUNY Oswego student Ziyah Myers, voting there early was her way of taking quick action to bring about change.  

“It’s important for me to vote because I do not want another four years of this man in office,” said Myers. “I just don’t need that.” 

While there is no exact telling when we will know the results of the presidential election, Vote Oswego has helped to ensure that SUNY Oswego students still played their part in hitting the polls.