SUNY Oswego’s construction project on Littlepage experiencing delays

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Renovations began on Littlepage Dining Hall, one of SUNY Oswego’s dining centers, after numerous leaks in the roof. The project is expected to be completed by the spring 2023 semester. However, labor and supply shortages are causing delays, SUNY Oswego Auxiliary Services Executive Director Stephen McAfee said. 

 “We knew it was going to happen, but we had hoped that things were going to fall in time and now all of a sudden you run into supply chain not showing up so now the crews are available but now there’s not the pieces to continue and kinda escalate the project,” McAfee said.

McAfee said if all supplies and contractors were present, the project would only take four weeks.

“I’m anxious about… you know, is it gonna get done in time?’ It’s a 16-week construction build and we’re on week 17,” McAfee said.

Despite the hold-up, Auxiliary Services made changes to the dining hall schedules to ensure students always have a dining center on campus at which to eat. 

“We start service at seven in the morning all the way to late night at 11, there’s always one dining center open…literally you can go right from dinner into late night at Lakeside or Pathfinder,” McAfee said.

Pathfinder Dining Hall
Student walking out of SUNY Oswego’s Pathfinder Dining Hall. Photo: Anthony DiIanne

Pathfinder Dining Hall has been the primary dining center for west campus. Some students believe the waiting lines are a bit much.

“I went there another day with my friend Joe, and when we got there there was a line out the door… like outside,” SUNY Oswego student Joel Turallo said.

“The longest I had to wait in line was for late night, I would say 40 minutes honestly,” SUNY Oswego student Maria Henriquez said. “It was wings and chicken fingers night, everybody wanted some so we were there just waiting.”

Pathfinder was also said to have some calm moments as well.

“It’s dependent on the time of day and stuff like that and I know that so sometimes I can work around it with my schedule but the lines be long and it takes a long time,” SUNY Oswego student Isaiah Williams said.

Littlepage’s construction project is expected to be completed, the latest, by Spring 2024.