SUNY Oswego students are not allowed to use cell phones in dining hall

OSWEGO, N.Y. — SUNY Oswego Students who remain on campus during a new era of distance learning and social distancing have to follow specific guidelines while ordering from the dining hall. One of the new requirements — putting the phone away. 

“We’ve gone a couple of steps further and asked students not to use their cell phones, because cell phones can carry viruses and bacteria,” said Ruth Stevens, the Director of Dining Services at SUNY Oswego.

Stevens’ role has shifted to customer service as student workers have been laid off and hourly staff has been reduced.

Upon entering the dining hall, students must wear a mask or face covering and remain six feet apart.

Food is being served with styrofoam containers and students must leave immediately upon receiving their food.

To learn more about SUNY Oswego Dining’s hours and menu, visit SUNY Oswego Dining’s Facebook page.