SUNY Oswego student receives Chancellor’s award

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Holly Reitmeier has received the highest academic honor in the State University of New York System, the Chancellor’s Award. Only a few students are chosen to receive the honor each year.

“Opening the email letting me know that I was nominated for the chancellor’s award,” said Reitmeier. “It definitely made my day.”

She has earned this high academic honor just months before she graduates with her Master’s degree.

“It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling to be leaving Oswego,” said Reitmeier.

But her success won’t be ending when she crosses the stage in May. Her

Holly Reitmeier conducting research.

work with cyber security research will be published by Wiley Publishers by June.

Reitmeier’s former professor Jolanda Tromp has been guiding her through the editing process before publication, even though she is living in Vietnam.

Holly Reitmeier has also been doing work with a professor on campus to collect data about social media and how ads are targeted.

“The program is called algorithm observatory and we are asking students to capture their facebook ads and seeing based on their demographics where these ads might be coming from.” said Reitmeier.

Her college journey has ended where it began as a child. She attended the Sheldon Institute at SUNY Oswego, and years ater is graduating with two degrees.

After graduation, Holly hopes to be moving south to be somewhere warmer.