Some SUNY Oswego students prepare to vote for the first time

OSWEGO, N.Y. — There are a variety of ways both in-state and out-of-state students can exercise the privileges granted by the 26th-amendment. SUNY Oswego sophomore, Zach Brown is eligible to do so for the first time.

“I go to the polls with my parents every year. So I have always been excited to go and do it myself,” Brown said. Brown plans to follow in his parent’s footsteps by voting at the polls this year.

“Voting in person, it makes it more personal. You are there you get to actually see your decision get made,” Brown said.

SUNY Oswego junior Eva Potvin says she will be voting by mail this year.

“I have to vote by mail by being in New York, being a Minnesota citizen. I think that the pros right now, with the pandemic, is there’s a lot less transfer at least for disease. And another pro is that you can send it in and make sure it’s done, rather than having to wait in line at the polls,” Potvin said.

As a first-time voter, Potvin says it’s important for her generation to vote. 

“I think people who say their vote doesn’t matter because like oh it’s just one vote. They add up. Your one vote could sway an entire county,” Potvin said.

Potvin hopes this year’s election will have a positive outcome.

“I hope that whoever the American people end up wanting majority-wise ends up as president but policy-wise yeah, I really want there to be more equality. More women’s rights. Anything that has to do with human rights I want to be more of the forefront,” Potvin said.

This year the presidential election winner will not be announced on election night due to all mail-in ballots dated by November 3rd being counted.