First-generation computer science major leads the charge for women in computing

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Gigi Hon’s interest in computer science started when she joined a girls who code summer program back in high school.

“I was able to spend time with the sisterhood that made me feel included in a field that is often male dominated,” Hon said.

When Gigi steps into one of her computer science classrooms at SUNY Oswego, she stands out as the only woman.

“I feel the need to prove myself. To prove that I deserve the spot at the table. That I deserve to be in this program,” Hon said.

Hon has been awarded multiple scholarships and is currently the SUNYAC Elite 20’ award recipient for her success on the women’s swimming team.

“That’s awarded to the student athlete that has reached the pinnacle of their athletic career as well as their academic career,” Hon said.

Over the past two summers, Hon worked alongside professor Dr. Dan Schlegel researching word choice in news bias. 

“I am really passionate about social change and things like that. So I want to put my skills into doing something that I feel is valuable to the general public,” Hon said.

Now as a senior, Gigi encourages young women to pursue the computer science field.

“Go for it. The world needs you. The world needs more females in computer science. They need more people of color in computer science,” Hon said.

Gigi is set to graduate in May. She says she’s unsure whether she will attend graduate school or find a job in computing.