Barber shop opens in Marano Campus Center

Oswego, N.Y. — Master barber John Franko has opened Campus Cuts in SUNY Oswego’s Marano Campus Center. Franko said he is excited to have students come in but understands the hesitancy surrounding a new barber shop.

“I know all about the whole trying out a barber thing, but I wanna put everybody’s mind at ease. I’ve been cutting hair for 17 years,” Franko said. 

Franko is hoping to grow his shop to include walk-in appointments for women to get their hair done, but for now he is just offering men’s cuts. 

“I only cut men’s hair on Wednesdays, it’s just gonna be kind of just the guy’s type of deal,” Franko said. “But other days of the week we can probably incorporate both, but for now, yeah, Wednesdays is going to be kind of like the barber shop deal.”

Campus Cuts opened in the campus center this semester, and since then, Franko has been trying to spread the word about his shop to get students in.

“Yeah, really the best way to spread the word is to just get the good haircut and tell your friends,” Franko said.

SUNY Oswego students are starting to discover Campus Cuts and what it offers. Oswego student Marquel Jeffries says that he knew he needed a haircut, but did not want to drive home just to get it.

“Just having that same type of, you know, barber shop vibes, being able to have a good conversation and come out feeling more confident and better,” Jeffries said. “Uh, I think it was an excellent experience.”

Campus Cuts will be open on Wednesday for walk-ins between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m.